The HAECO Training Center, located next to the Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, China, is a 40 million USD investment by the Taikoo (Xiamen) Aircraft Engineering Co. Ltd. Since it was completed in October 2008, the Center stands proud on over 45,000 square meters of land and comprises a five-storey Training and Administration building, a four-storey Practical Training building, a three-storey canteen and recreation center, and 600 furnished apartments in 8 dormitory units. Its integral facilities include: 33 classrooms, 30 practical training workshops, 1 language laboratory, 1 technical library and 2 auditoriums with a capacity of 400 people each. When operation becomes full-scale, it can accommodate nearly 1,000 students being trained on the same day

Blending the unique strengths of TAECO and HAECO, and taking advantage of the group resources of aircraft maintenance, landing gear overhaul and engine overhaul companies, the HAECO Training Center has progressively developed to its present size and capabilities. The Center acquired the HKAR-147, CCAR-147 and EASA Part-147 approvals in March 2002, September 2006 and December 2006 respectively. In addition, it has proved itself again to become the approved examination site for CCAR-66/HKAR-66/EASA Part-66 maintenance personnel licences

The HAECO Training Center, with a versatile team of nearly 70 full-time instructors, supports and renders training capabilities in a multitude of training courses for aircraft types, basic license, practical skills, aviation English, human factors and other aviation maintenance courses. Utilizing a comprehensive facility of standard practices, workshop and aircraft components including Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney engines, B747 landing gears, B747-400 airframe, fuel tank, and B747 simulator, the Center can therefore simulate the real aircraft maintenance environment for optimal training effects. The HAECO Training Center not only addresses civil aviation knowledge and maintenance skills, but also cultivates work attitude, professionalism and teamwork.

There are limited EASA 147 approved aviation training organisations in the world; HAECO is one of them offering such a course. Students who complete the EASA 147 licence course at approved colleges must have 2 years working experience for the issuance of licence. Our graduates are highly valued internationally for recognition and employment in airlines and MROs.

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